Here are listed alle the award winner and selected films of the 2022 winter's edition.


Art & experimental award winner:

Gold for TUTOPIQUE #SPLEEN by Maurice Huvelin

Silver for ABOUT TIME by Anne E. Witte

Bronze for GUN by Johannes Horak

Comedy short award winner:

Gold for INSECURITY by Joshua Caleb Horton

Silver for Mertin Beaver Interview - Cows, Mars, Chinese, Global Warming by Russell Geary


Narrative short:

Gold for TONEWOOD by Shahram Shahangi

Silver for PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS by David Silset

Bronze for BULLSHIT by Borys Shusterman and Mykhailo Ozerov

Web series:

Gold for Diana Web Series Episodes 1 & 2 by Peter Koevari

Silver for TUTOPIQUE #COMPANY by Maurice Huvelin

Scifi short:

Gold for TUTOPIQUE #GLAMOUR by Maurice Huvelin


Music video/Dance:

Gold for The way by Antony Egidio Risi

Silver for NEOSPECTERS by Johannes Horak

LGBTQ short:

Gold for Sbazooka - my exploding life by Lucia Falco, Carlo Musso and Marcello Serafino

 (film still to come)


Gold for Ruby & Roach by Erentia Bedeker

Full length film:

Gold for Time spent with cats is never wasted by Clive Michael Will

(film still to come)

Horror short:

Gold for Help Sweet Old Granny by Kevin Oki


Calling for your love - The final by Jan Werner


Scruple by Fabian Brucker, Susanne Fey and Christoph Visone

(film still to come)

TUTOPIQUE #FITNESS by Maurice Huvelin

Queen Marlene's Toy Museum and Friends: Traffic Safety Toys by Marlene Hochman and Angie Hansen

Martha by Sally Connors